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I’ve been hunting SodaStream Cherry flavour like Indiana Jones hunted for the Sankara Stones. Piecing together the clues in my handy notebook, travelling from continent to continent with a red line following my progress, watching and waiting before commencing my run across the rope bridge where so many of my pursuers are destined to fall to the crocodile infested waters below.

Well… not really, but it does seem to have been an effort to get hold of this flavour. When I first got my SodaStream and went on the website to buy some flavours I had my eyes peeled for cherry, but to my dismay the item showed as Sold Out and I was compelled to satiate my soda curiosity with the likes of blackcurrant and cream soda. Over the following months I checked back from time to time and every time I looked, I had picked the wrong day, and it was still Sold Out.

I love cherry as a fruit, but I enjoy the artificial flavour of fake cherry, the flavour you get in cherry sweets, cakes and drinks even more. I enjoy the cherry of a Haribo sour sweet and the cherry of a Bakewell Tart and the cherry of a push a push pop and perhaps most of all the fresh cherry of a draft of cherryade. I was delighted then, when finally on my most recent visit the SodaStream site, cherry was finally in stock and now finally, a glass of the pink good stuff sits ice-cold, glass perspiring, in front of me.

The sweetness of honey. Refreshing bursts of cooling goodness. The pleasing burn of fizz and then, and this is what cherryade is all about… a cadence of wonder. An aftertaste of cherry beauty.

SodaStream’s take on cherryade is a true one and dare I say it, a deluxe one. It’s without the over fizzyness and chemical toxicity of some cheap supermarket varieties. It has an extra dose of the velvet of cherry in the taste as you swallow and an aroma of the amber nectar. A very strong flavour that sears the tongue and ignites the brain. It is incredibly sweet and for some that will be too much. Sweet enough to bake a cake from. Sweet enough to put an army out on route marches. Sweet enough to antagonise a whole conference of dentists discussing the merits of sensitive teeth and acid erosion.

But hey, I can live with that, and I can live with sweetness. I’m pleased to finally have the taste of cherry in my possession and delighted that the good folks at SodaStream haven’t let me down on their rendition of one of my favourite flavours. Now back to searching for those Sankara stones.

You can pick up a bottle of the finest from here.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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