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Orangeade kind of tastes like sunshine doesn’t it? Well, at least that’s what it reminds me of. Hot days running around the garden. Kicking plastic airflow ball around a giant playground only to run inside moments from heat exhaustion collapse to satiate your thirst on a classic mix of citrus and carbonation.

The perfect orangeade is colder than polar ice, fizzy enough to burn away the back of your throat, and sweet enough to dissolve a tooth at one thousand yards. I’m absolutely delighted to say that the official SodaStream Orange flavour delivers on all these counts. 

Cooling cascades of the kind of orange flavour that relies on the perfect harmony of what grows on the tree and what grows in the laboratory. Sweet and wholesome and good, this is the perfect compliment to a hot day or a lovely accompaniment to a breadcrumb oven grill based meal.

I actually think that fizzy orange is an easy drink to get right, but I’m surprised by how many supermarket based equivalents get it badly wrong, so top marks to SodaStream for not droping at an easy hurdle. The key like many things in life is not to over complicate and they have resisted the temptation.

This said, buoyed by the challenge set by a quality official drink I will be attempting in the coming weeks to produce a fizzy orange drink of equal stature out of unofficial syrups and juices. The potential of an Orangina inspired 10% natural juice is calling me onward, so no doubt more on that to follow.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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