Why Review SodaStream?

This site is all about the re-discovered world of Sodastream. I love my new Sodastream and wanted to share my thoughts on the product range, flavours, tips and ideas with others.

There are lots of sites that give a serious critique of the nutritional and environmental benefits of making your own soda. Some of these are really good and well worth a read.

I wanted to make a site about the fun side of making water fizzy. I wanted to review SodaStream flavours and share some ideas for making your own flavours.

I have now reviewed a good proportion of the official flavours. I’ll keep going until I’ve tasted them all.

I hope you enjoy reading about Soda Stream and I hope you go out and buy one. It’s a pretty cheap way to put a smile on your face!

If you get tired of thinking about fizzy drinks, you might like to check out another website which has been taking up my soda drinking website building time recently: the amazing Art of Sonia Malik.

If you want to ask a question, contribute an article or just want to shoot the breeze outside of this website, drop me an email on: neil@sodastreamreviews.com.

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