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As squash goes, you can’t do much better than lemon squash. Where orange squash is sweet, lemon squash is sweet and sour. Where blackcurrant is artificial, lemon is clean and refreshing. With or without barley, lemon squash has the power to refresh and hydrate. It really is water improved.

So, when I started thinking about trying some new unofficial SodaStream flavours, lemon squash seemed a natural choice. Having decided that, I realised if you’re going to make moves towards the squash world (or cordial or syrup or however you know it) and you want a fair playing field, you can’t do much better than Robinsons. Despite briefly sullying their stock with a short-lived and embarassing alliance with humourless semi-elite tennis player, Tim Henman, generally Robinsons have been a reliable antidote to dehydration on a summers day and also a reliable choice with a dash of honey when you’re bed ridden.

Ok, so I safely jumped the first hurdle by realising that given that SodaStream syrups are highly concentrated (sugar tar if you like) I would need to heavily dose the bottle. So, having fizzed the water, I poured out about 1/5 and then topped the bottle up to within safe limits, just off the base of the neck. Angry fizzing from the bottle suggested successful meeting of concentrate and carbonation and this was confirmed after I had gently shaken and chilled the bottle.

A satisfying hiss on opening, good clean colouration and a pleasing rise of foam to just off the top of the glass. A clean taste, sharp and strident tone like the unfizzed variety, but with an added bite from the fizz. Extremely refreshing and holds fizz extremely well… I wandered off for 15 minutes while writing this and returned to find my glass of pop still had the bite to burn through my January throat. Overall, a really successful attempt evoking memories of bitter lemon, grass stains and grazed knees and all other good things.

In the coming weeks I’ll be trying to refine the exact quantities required for the perfect fizzy Robinsons and no doubt experimenting with some other flavours. For now, I’ll be considering lemon fizz an intriguing new drink in the armoury, until no doubt that perfect artificialness of Fanta Lemon swoops in to claim all.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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