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Trying this flavour was always going to be a clash of the titans. Actually that’s wrong, maybe David vs Goliath. Maybe Samson and Delilah. ;o)

First thing I should explain is that I am a massive Coca Cola fan. I love coke. I drink litres of the stuff each day and no sodastream no matter how good is going to be able to equal the magic, the complicated wonder of a can or even better, an ice cold glass bottle of the good stuff.

This said, I had high hopes for Sodastream Cola, I’m just saying they weren’t unreastically high. I knew Sodastream Coke wouldn’t be as good as real Coke and once you accept that I think it stands as a pretty good drink in it’s own right.

Like all synthetic or alternative Cokes from Panda Pops through to Virgin Cola, Sodastream Cola does not measure up to it’s mighty old brother, but it does a lot of things right. A good kick of caffeine, viscous concentrate that looks capable of cleaning an engine, strong flavours, a good colour, holds a decent amount of fizz. It’s close to Coke, it has got a decent flavour.

Hmm, hard to describe so maybe I had better lay this out in terms of comparison. So for me, Sodastream cola is better than Sainsbury’s, Tesco’s own, Panda Pops. It’s around about on a par with M&S Cola. It is not better than Coke. It is different from Pepsi.

Anyway, this one works well with the recommended level of concentrate or you can overdose it in an attempt to replicate those Cola’s you used to get in Wimpy that had too much concentrate in and made you run around like a mad thing.

If you like it as much as I do, you can pick up 6 packs for a reduced price here.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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  1. Jon says:

    next time you make the cola add a few drops of vanilla extract and a tad bit of pure lime juice. these additions put it pretty darn close to coke from my experiences.

  2. popsicle says:

    Nice one Jon, I will definitely try your suggestion. Lime in particular – just thinking about that, I can imagine it working.

  3. honorelle says:

    I’m wondering if it maybe has potential for those blended Coke flavours – Cherry coke and Citrus Coke could work if we sub in a few drops of Cherry or Lemon-Lime Sodastream flavours, with a dose of this.

    • popsicle says:

      Great idea – I really should have thought of that! Of all the flavours SodaStream has yet to release, the most obviously and importantly missing is Cherry Coke, one of my favourite fizzy drinks. I’ll try to do something on this in the next couple of weeks, but if anyone else wants to report back on their attempts at making these flavours would love to hear about it.

  4. Jenny says:

    I tried the coke and lemon-lime so far…my fav is lemon-lime. The coke taste a little more like diet at first , but as you keep drinking it starts to taste more like generic coke from sams club or where ever which isn’t so bad. lemon-lime taste a lot like sprite. I am going to try Dr.pete and make a homemade cream soda next.

  5. Yvonne says:

    I drink Coke all the time but got feed up returning the bottles, we have to pay a 10 cent deposit, and then you have to take them back and receive 5 cents back, what a hassle, thankgoodness for soda stream, I love it, my grandson also loves it.

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