The Best SodaStream Drinks Maker for 2012


Unless you’ve had your advertising shields set at maximum for the last few weeks you are likely to have noticed that Christmas is back and apparently here to stay. If you are like me you will spend the next couple of weeks procrastinating before hitting the shops in a frenzy of angst and confusion, wondering whether your brother in law would enjoy Piers Morgan’s bumper book of patronising put downs or whether Mum would like a bread maker. Seriously guys no-one wants to bake their own bread!

However, everyone likes to make their own fizzy drinks and that is a fact. If you are thinking of buying yourself or your loved ones a SodaStream drinks maker, rest assured, you won’t look back and you will remain hydrated and happy forever more. The question is though, which model to pick up – should you lean towards lean pvc utility or decadent chrome. I reckon they all work – they all successfully produce a bottle of fizz, so the decision here is about how easy they are to use and how good they look next to your espresso machine/food processor/slow cooker (delete as appropriate) So then, here’s my round up of the best SodaStream models of 2012:

SodaStream Genesis

The Genesis is the everyman of the range. A drinks maker for the people which should really be government subsidised. A stylish plastic model available in white, red, grey and black colours to suit all modern kitchen designs, the Genesis is the reliable workhorse of the SodaStream fleet, producing more bottles of fizz across the land than any other model. It’s a trooper – highly reliable, durable, easy to clean and though a little light-weight, quite nicely styled… and no bank breakingly expensive. I own one myself and I haven’t looked back, you won’t either.

Check out more reviews and prices on the White and Grey versions of the Genesis – both are currently on sale at a seriously reduced price.

SodaStream Pure

The Pure is SodaStream with aspirations. Aspirations to better than the Genesis. Still, a little bit of chrome wrapping is not everything in this world and what the Pure gains in gaudy foil coating, it loses in annoyance – the lever for fizzing your drinks feels more flimsy than the button on the Genesis. Still, quite a styling number if you prefer a metallic finish to a matte one.

Check out more reviews and prices

SodaStream Crystal

Part drinks maker, part complex piece of uranium distilling, laboratory equipment, the Crystal is a drinks maker to be taken seriously. If you are into your cocktails and keeping up with the Jones’ the Crystal excels by giving the appearance that some serious drinks making is going on here and the step up to glass bottles makes for a much more distinguished drink. Behold the brushed steel exterior. Marvel at how neat and self-contained the device is when closed up and not in use. Rejoice, it is beautiful, but pricey!

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SodaStream Source

A relative new comer to the drinks parteh, the Source is part of what I suspect is a new range for SodaStream. It is available in 6 colours (white, black, blue, red, metallic white, and metallic black) and features an easier snap lock bottle mechanism for attaching the bottle to the drinks maker. There are part metal and all plastic versions available. You set your required level of carbonation using controls on the maker and then it does the fizzing for you. Personally I kind of like doing that bit manually, but there is no denying that the source makes drinks making feel like a more technologically enhanced process. It’s a solid looking unit with a bang up to date design that will look good alongside your other knick knacks. Want to be a part of the future? Then go direct to the Source!

Check out more reviews and prices

8 Responses

  1. Barbara Addison says:

    I’ve been aware of this machine but never looked at it seriously until I heard about Pepsi and Coke suppressing SodaStream’s ad for the Super Bowl! Ticks me off. However, I only drink sugar free, caffeine free sodas. I don’t see anything listed that fits that criteria. What do you know about this issue. The machine and all the other things needed seem expensive and have a long pay-off period especially with my narrow choice of soda. Thanks.

    • popsicle says:

      Well, I wouldn’t say that anyone should feel that they have to have a SodaStream. It’s more of a luxury/fun item than a necessity unless you’re as crazy about fizzy drinks as I am. Money wise it is cheaper than buying bottles of pop, but you will have to drink a fair few bottles to work off the initial investment so I think it’s better to approach it from the view of being able to customise your drinks and adjust the amount of fizz and flavour than as an out and out moneysaver.

      Thinking about your requirements: bear in mind that the SodaStream is handy to have around if you like fizzy water. Also there are a few diet flavours which are lower in sugar and SodaStream have just launched a Sugar Free range which might be what you’re searching for (but I haven’t tried them yet). The great thing about SodaStream is that you don’t have to use their flavours. You could mix in other syrup or squash varieties you like or even try flavouring drinks with lemon or fruit.

  2. Ann says:

    Thanks for your great comprehensive review of the Soda Stream. I’m was trying to decide between the “Genesis,” “Pure” and “Source” models. After reading your reveiw, I was able to cross the “Pure” off my list. Now to figure out if I should go with the “Genesis” or “Source”… hmmmm?!?… Do you have any additional insight that could help???


    • popsicle says:

      Well, I have a Genesis and it has performed excellently for over 2 years. At a bargain price, it’s hard to beat. However, if I had money to burn (it tends to be around the double the cost of the Genesis though there are some cheeky bargains out there) I would go for the Source, ideally the metal version. Its looks measure up to the other nice machinery you may or may not have in your kitchen and it has a more solid feel to it. Hope you enjoy your SodaStream adventure.

      • Guy51927 says:

        I noticed you made a mistake on your review for the Source. I have the Source and you push the block manually to fizz it, you don’t set any controls to make it fizz automatically. The display only shows you how much fizz is going into the drink.

  3. DSM says:

    Thank you for this great review! I was skeptical on whether to get this for my hubby at first. Being that he loooooves his sparkling water, this sounds like the perfect gift.

    I like the features on the Source, but it sounds like overkill if my hubby will only be using it for making sparkling water.

    Which one would you recommend for an exclusive sparkling water fan?

    Thank you so much!

  4. Rachel says:

    Have you seen the new KitchenAid branded SodaStream? My husband wants one, mostly because the bottles snap in and out without having to screw them in. What do you think of them?

  5. Fritha says:

    Hey, thanks for the great review! Helped us make our decision. We are going to go with the Genesis. . .the name makes it sound like we should expect dramatic things. Your review made us smile and laugh too, a nice unexpected bonus during our research!


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