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Sodastream blackcurrant flavour crept up on me. After trying a lot of flavours first, I finally got round to it. I figured until Sodastream can arrange some kind of partnership with Vimto or Ribena they had this flavour as a stopgap. I was wrong.

Beneath the slightly more muted purple colours of the concentrate bottle lurks a flavour of true excellence. The surprise champ of the current range, which balances a decent kick of flavour with maximum refreshment.

A lot of the flavours have a dose of pleasing sweetness, but the blackcurrant drops the sugar down a notch. Berry flavours are striking, but not overpowering meaning this is one of the most thirst quenching flavours in the range. It’s a decent blackcurrant drink in it’s own right which stands up to the likes of off the shelf products like Oasis, Tango Blackcurrant and Snapple.

Tastes best with as much fizz as you can put in it. I like to dose just under the recommended concentrate line as this one is really about flavouring your water, not masking it.

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Rating: 5 out of 5

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  1. seth says:

    I am in love with this one…the problem is it’s impossible to get in the states without ordering through Amazon and having it sent across the pond. Blackcurrant is not a flavo(u)r to be found here. Perhaps it may have something to do with the ban on growing currants here back in 1906.

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