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I reckon SodaStream Lemonade flavour is statistically the flavour you are most likely to have tried. Usually bundled with your new SodaStream Drinks Maker, you get the thing out of the box, discard the packaging, get the gas cannister in and apply some fizz to your first bottle. Carefully reading the instructions you pour in the syrup – et voila a bottle of lemonade that you may be prepared to chill for ten minutes before getting impatient or probably you just poured it straight out ready for tasting.

So it has quite a bit to live up to given that this is probably the moment where you will find out whether your new SodaStream really can make drinks even as halfway decent as you can pick them up down the corner-shop. Fortunately then, I think the official lemonade flavour does deliver. Good clean, crisp citrus flavour, not too sweet, and works well heavily carbonated or lightly fizzed according to your preference. Definite potential for maximum refreshment, if refreshment is your aim and of course high potential for mixing with an array of alcoholic beverages.

Quite rightly, this particular flavour is not too strong (unless you super dose it) and as a result I think this is the only flavour where I’ve been aware say of whether I’ve used London tap water or water that has been filtered or come from a spring (Scottish highland or fictional Dalsani).

As lemonades go I think the flavour is maybe closer to a 7up or Sprite than a R Whites or Schweppes. I haven’t worked out a way yet to get quite the level of fizz those craftsmen at Schweppes can manage and because of this and because generally lemonade is so cheap from the shops I think this is probably a flavour that I won’t be buying as much as others. I think it’s a really decent effort, but it seems a waste of the potential that the SodaStream has and I suspect most consumers will feel like me. They’ll enjoy that first glass, nod their recognition that it truly is possible to carbonate drinks in the home and then get on the SodaStream website super-quick to try some other flavours.

If you didn’t get a bottle free with your drinks maker you can pick up a bottle here.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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  1. Deborah says:

    I’m now contemplating the thoughts of making my own, pre-mixed spirit drinks with soda stream flavours. Meaning: You’re flavour is already mixed with your favourite spirit and sealed in a bottle. Has anyone else ever done this?

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