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There’s few things in life better than waking from a big night out to gorge yourself on rashers of bacon, egg, sausage, potato waffle, beans, grilled tomatoes, a fried slice and then either a glass of ice cold grapefruit juice, or even better, a fresh grapefruit, the edge taken off with a scattering of sugar. Grapefruit is bitter, but also flavoursome and it has the power to burn through a hangover with cleansing acidity, leaving you feeling like you can put your shoes on and leave the house.

As for fizzy grapefruit… well, I have to admit I don’t think I have any experience of that. I am casting my mind back, but… no, I can’t remember ever drinking it before, but hey, there’s a first time for everything and well, as a big fan of grapefruit juice, surely adding carbonation is a workable concept?

I’ve drunk a few bottles of SodaStream Pink Grapefruit so far and I think overall I quite like it. Definite believable grapefruit taste, a nod towards the sour, good mild pink colouration and a pleasing fruity aroma. Holds fizz well and the tingle of grapefruit taste when you push the limit of carbonation makes this a pretty refreshing drink, well suited to washing down the aforementioned mammoth breakfast.

Where it missteps is in leaning a little too much towards sweetness. Presumably the belief was that this wouldn’t work as a fizzy drink without a healthy sack full of sugar, but the effect while not wholly unpleasant is to take away from the expectation of bitterness and leave a slightly cloying aftertaste. Definitely still refreshing, but with too much sweetness a little bit too much like a grapefruit tinted lemonade and not enough like the wince-inducing super-fruit I was seeking.

Well, lets not be too harsh and in fairness perhaps wincing isn’t something most people are looking for from a beverage anyway. Basically, this is a good attempt at an unusual fizzy drink and I’m going to happily keep drinking it. It’s a decent compliment to a hot day, but not the universal panacea for a heavy session.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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  1. honorelle says:

    I enjoy pink grapefruit juice and lemonade as refreshing non-alcohol drink when I go out, and ‘pink’ lemonade in the home, so I have high hopes for this flavour (I only bought my machine 3 days ago and I’ve been drinking Cherryade instead)

  2. Sharon says:

    I bought this just before christmas, thought it would save me on Coke purchases. Well, it’s ok but not something I want to leave my Canada Dry for.

    I find it all leaves that taste of artificial sugar in the back of my mouth. Ugh, ick and eww. I bought some sugar free for my diabetic husband and grabbed the gingerale off the shelf with a big grin for myself. Threw out half a bottle before the day was over. I would rather do without than drink diet tasting sodas. I am not impressed at all. Bought it on sale at Canadian Tire and paid full price, have to find my reciept and deal with that, always fun. My son loves the orange flavor, can’t find anymore on the shelf. I decided maybe it was just too strong for me so I made one with half the flavoring, hardly any taste at all so next one with 2/3’s of a cap and it was all aftertaste again so I guess I do without. If you are going to put diet sugar in a product, it should read so on the front of the lable, not hidden in the tiny list on the side. That is my biggest disappointment, the sneakiness of it all.

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