Will I get bored of my SodaStream?


Many people thinking about buying a SodaStream for themselves, a friend or loved one, will be worried about whether they will get much use out of it. Will it become a daily fixture in family life, constantly churning out bottles of fizzy water to a keen audience of soda pop fans or will it join the juicer, the smoothie maker, the cheese slicer, the George Foreman grill and the home-sushi-rolling kit, taking up space and gathering dust?

Well, it’s a personal choice I guess, but for me the answer is the former… I’ve had my SodaStream drinks maker for just over one year and I’m still filling my fridge with home made fizz on a regular basis. At a rough count, I’ve fizzed 155 bottles in one year, which is a credible average of around 3 bottles a week. Just what the doctor ordered!

My level of fizz making has decreased certainly, but I don’t think it would have been healthy to maintain the volume of production I managed last August. Friends and family were bombarded with carbonated drinks if they dared pop their heads in for a catchup. I considered fizzy water and cornflakes. I wondered about fizzy water as a cleaning product. I speculated about buying a pack of baking soda and sending a rocket to the moon.

Nope, that kind of craziness couldn’t continue. Not while holding down a semi-serious job and keeping on the right side of the girlfriend. Not without being lectured incessantly by the dentist. Gradually I toned it down, forcing myself to drink some fruit juice once in a while and eventually even getting back onto non-carbonated tap water (but please don’t tell anyone).

Yes, there is room in the world for non-fizzy drinks. There is room for ice without carbonation, hot drinks as well as cold. This is a big wide world we’re living in. There are many currents, under-currents, faiths, colours and creeds. One man’s fanta is another man’s schweppes and that’s ok kids, that’s ok.

But well, I digress. This post is about whether you will get bored of your SodaStream if you take a punt on getting one and I would argue that ‘no’ you won’t. I got bored of chopping fruit and drinking smoothies. I got bored of pretending sausages tasted nicer and were better for me out of the Foreman. I realised that I’d never be able to roll out Sushi like the pros down the road. But you know what, I don’t reckon I can get bored of the simple alchemy of turning water into fizz.

I’m addicted to the sound of gas travelling through liquid. I’m driven to perfect the perfect fake coca-cola. I’m counting down the minutes until my next bottle reaches chilled perfection. I’m humiliated when I haven’t put enough fizz and I’m delighted when I put too much and I spray water around my kitchen.

You may get bored of your SodaStream, but I will not.

If you feel inclined to begin your Sodastream adventure, but don’t want to break the bank, the most wallet friendly introduction comes in the form of the SodaStream Stream drinks maker.

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