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With the exception of a few tropical showers, Summer is still here and the Brits are to be found exposing their legs to the rays, doing unusual things like attending rooftop cinemas, sitting in the park and going out without a bowler hat and an umbrella.

SodaStream Reviews HQ has been a veritable hive of activity, what with the arrival of a new cannister of gas, a new baby in the family and more work than anyone can shake a stick at. It’s been the ideal time to keep the fridge stocked with bottles of SodaStream, keep the fan on at maximum and dispense copious amounts of fizzy beverages to any guests within earshot.

I sat down this morning with a bottle of SodaStream Lemon Lime flavour for the first time, neither filled with trepidation or excited by the challenge ahead of me. On the one hand, a new flavour is always something to be ready for, palette cleansed for the fair judging of flavours. On the other hand, I pretty much figured what it would be like: Lemonade with a twist.

Cracking open the bottle of cordial I was pleased to note the clean citrus aroma I expected. Lighter under-notes of lemon accented by the sharper tones of lime. Entirely clear in the glass and with a decent fizz potential, lemon and lime set itself up as a serious beverage, designed for those hipsters grown weary of a simple lemonade.

And that’s pretty much what it is: Lemonade with an aftertaste of zingy sour evil provided by the lime. An extra dose of the ascerbic on top of the sugar. A hint of tonic water to your homespun lemon treat. Let’s say you had some lemonade and then you toughened it up through some kind of eighties film montage, possibly making it lift weights, jump fallen trees, shadow-box and avenge a fallen former trainer. Well, then you would have lemon and lime.

Which is not such a bad thing I guess, although when I first reviewed SodaStream Lemonade I basically said it’s a decent effort, but so boring that you needn’t bother. This is pretty much the same deal and a bit of a cop out from the Soda scientists at SodaStream. I see one of them standing after a hard day’s flavour development. They have a bottle of lemonade in one hand and then while routing around for a more interesting flavour, their other hand alights on a bottle of SodaStream tonic water. “It just might work”, the plucky innovator thinks, and lo and behold, lemon and lime flavour is born.

It’s basically ok. Quite refreshing. A little bit more bitter than lemonade. A slightly new shade for those jaded by the shade of grey they’ve been supping. Nothing offensive, but it’s not going to set the world on fire. Still, 3 glasses before breakfast has left me feeling a bit citric and in need of a bagel and needing a bagel is never a bad thing.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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