Reviews of Official Flavours

Reviews of Sodastream flavours.

Official Lemon and Lime Flavour

With the exception of a few tropical showers, Summer is still here and the Brits are to be found exposing their legs to the rays, doing unusual things like attending rooftop cinemas, sitting in the park and going out without a bowler hat and an umbrella.

SodaStream Reviews HQ has been a veritable hive of activity, what with the arrival of a new cannister of gas, a new baby in the family and more work than anyone can shake a stick at. It’s been the ideal time to keep the fridge stocked with bottles of SodaStream, keep the fan on at maximum and dispense copious amounts of fizzy beverages to any guests within earshot.

I sat down this morning with a bottle of SodaStream Lemon Lime flavour for the first time, neither filled with trepidation or excited by the challenge ahead of me. On the one hand, a new flavour is always something to be ready for, palette cleansed for the fair judging of flavours. On the other hand, I pretty much figured what it would be like: Lemonade with a twist. Read more »

The most refreshing SodaStream Flavours

For those of you who don’t live in the UK, you may not realise that for the last few years we’ve been living through some kind of miniature ice age, staring forlornly out of our condensated windows as the rain beats against the glass and makes small splashes in the puddles and churned up mud in the garden. Forced to wear bowler hats, carry out umbrellas, drink even more tea and talk about the weather even more than usual, we’ve shrank as a nation back from the outside, trapped indoors with our tins of baked beans, in-laws and over politeness.

But now at last, the great turtle, that most masterful of cricket bowlers in the sky, has at last relented and good times have come again. Sunshine in all its vitamin D dispensing glory has returned to this blighted kingdom and everywhere you look there is the sight of the lesser-spotted English-person peeping from their burrow, slowly divesting themselves of three layers clothing and exposing their anaemic skin to the risk of pink face. Read more »

Offical Strawberry : Sparkling Natural for Kids

I don’t have any kids, but lots of my friends and acquaintances do and from what I have observed from studying them, it seems this kids business is a pretty full-on endeavour. As soon as one arrives, life changes massively: Not necessarily for the worse – these people seem pretty damn happy, sometimes almost fanatically – but it certainly is a game changer as much as a nappy/diaper changer.

Out goes caring about how you dress and the frivolous pursuit of alcoholic beverages, modern music and youtube videos. In comes people-carrying automobiles, loose knit sweaters and an unusual awareness of the child friendliness of any given room. They move about in buggy laden, bry-nylon clad groups, giving advice on improving sleep routines and the best way to instil a sensible feeding pattern, constantly looking for signs of prodigal greatness or impending doom in their offspring.

Ah, but this is not a post intended to mock these people. They are no more silly, pompous or misguided than someone spending the early part of a Monday night writing about SodaStream flavours, a twenty something getting ready for a big night out, a workaholic searching for millions in a broke down economy or a circus seal barking for a ball when all it wants is fish. This is a review which recognises that as parents we are genetically programmed to adore our infants. Hard-wired to do our best to put them on the path to a happy life. Fully intent on clearing their path of dangers and obstacles and that my friends is entirely as it should be… Read more »

Official Mojito Flavour

Cocktails are a curious and dangerous invention which can either leave you dancing to Heart of Glass by Blondie and talking to that girl/boy you’ve been pining for for months, or see you humiliate yourself, slumped unconscious in your chair having been sick on someone’s face.

The Mojito, a rum based cocktail, has had its own massive and primarily positive impact on my personal life (vivid flashback to an Old Street bar circa 2004), so whilst I try to avoid cocktails in general, I have been known to sip on its minty, citrus, crushed ice goodness and feel my face warming as the rum works its seafaring sea-shanty magic.

As a result, I was curious to see some six months or so ago that SodaStream had launched its own range of non-alcoholic cocktail mixers including the eponymous mojito. Though naturally suspicious of turning an alcoholic drink based on having some cut up lime and fresh mint, into a pre-mixed toxic syrup mixed with home-carbonated water, the concept was so weird that I couldn’t help but be intrigued. Read more »

Official Dandelion and Burdock Flavour

I don’t think I ever got to try Dandelion and Burdock as a kid. It stood well outside the familiar collection of cokes, fantas, and lemonades, somewhere out there in the serious adult world of ginger beers, tonic water, and cups of tea. In time I grew to try Ginger Beer and learn to respect it for the truly wonderful flavour it is. I got to try root beer through my local branch of McDonalds. Eventually I even beheld the wonder that is Cream Soda, but I never tried Dandelion and Burdock. I watched it with scepticism, noticing the chemist like styling, the dark medicine bottle and the olde worlde font, the small amount of dust on the bottles in my local supermarket indicating its dwindling popularity, and I stood safely back.

I’m now drinking a glass for the first time, freshly brewed up from my SodaStream and I am not by any means kicking myself for being remiss and delaying my tasting so far. I can say with total certainty that this drink is heave-inducingly rancid. An abomination of a flavour: 3 parts lizard, 1 part emu, 1 part dirty tortoise, and no parts tasty. Read more »

Official Cherry Flavour

I’ve been hunting SodaStream Cherry flavour like Indiana Jones hunted for the Sankara Stones. Piecing together the clues in my handy notebook, travelling from continent to continent with a red line following my progress, watching and waiting before commencing my run across the rope bridge where so many of my pursuers are destined to fall to the crocodile infested waters below.

Well… not really, but it does seem to have been an effort to get hold of this flavour. When I first got my SodaStream and went on the website to buy some flavours I had my eyes peeled for cherry, but to my dismay the item showed as Sold Out and I was compelled to satiate my soda curiosity with the likes of blackcurrant and cream soda. Over the following months I checked back from time to time and every time I looked, I had picked the wrong day, and it was still Sold Out. Read more »

Official Green Tea, Pomegranate Peach Flavour

I’ve got mixed feelings about Green Tea. It appeared on my radar about ten years ago when some of my female acquaintances near enough gave up the blessed taste of PG Tips in favour of the swamp tinted health benefits of a cup of the green stuff. Never one to be left behind on the drinks bandwagon I tried it, found it to taste of little other than herby water and resolved to leave it be. Something kept nagging at me though… I kept wanting to get into it. Kept waiting a year, trying it again and arriving at the same conclusions. Sometimes the Emperor’s New Clothes just don’t fit.

As a result, it raised a smile when on unwrapping a present from my sister last week, I pulled a mystical green bottle from the wrapper and started laughing. Sodastream Green Tea: Pomegranate & Peach flavour, glowing out its green intentions with a green tinted bottle awash with a green splash design. My sister was laughing too: “I wanted to buy you the weirdest flavour I could find” she said, “and I’m looking forward to seeing a particularly scathing review”. I tucked into my pizza and put it it to the back of my mind, nestled with thoughts of carbonated drinks and the ghost of Christmas past, present and to come. Read more »

Official Blueberry Flavour

Blueberry is a firm favourite and common ingredient in the United States, but is a rare and exotic commodity, still gaining traction in Europe. Like those black and white videos of young kids in post-war England trying their first banana, I see the blueberry arriving in a Kool Aid lorry by mistake in Chelmsford in the mid eighties and due to a mixup at customs ending up in a few rogue packets of Ricicles in marshmallow form, eaten by a few small children like myself, starting a slow and sweet flavoured revolution, which twenty five or years later sees it now popping up with some prevalence.

But I digress, and in fact advise anyone reading this to discount the first paragraph and its obscure references. I don’t know why the Blueberry isn’t massively prevalent or popular in England. I do know that in recent times it can be found in muffin and yoghurt products and occasionally in allegedly digestive improving bacteria laden drinks. This may be because as the bottle of SodaStream Blueberry claims: it is a ‘super fruit’. Read more »

Official Root Beer Flavour

Root beer, a once prevalent fizzy flavour is now as scarce as a silverback gorilla. It used to be a staple of Fast Food joints and corner shops alike. A perfect accompaniment to a McRib in McDonald’s (also now sadly departed) or a great way to wash down a strawberry sundae after a round of ten-pin bowling. It always had a bit of a marmite quality: you were either a kid that loved it or shunned it and I guess in these homogenous mass-market times, not appealing to all demographics will see you sidelined.

These days your best chance for a taste of the eponymous root lies in swigging dentist’s mouthwash so I was delighted to see SodaStream representing the old skool (sic) flavours once again and offering Root Beer alongside cream soda and ginger beer. Read more »

Official Pink Grapefruit Flavour

There’s few things in life better than waking from a big night out to gorge yourself on rashers of bacon, egg, sausage, potato waffle, beans, grilled tomatoes, a fried slice and then either a glass of ice cold grapefruit juice, or even better, a fresh grapefruit, the edge taken off with a scattering of sugar. Grapefruit is bitter, but also flavoursome and it has the power to burn through a hangover with cleansing acidity, leaving you feeling like you can put your shoes on and leave the house.

As for fizzy grapefruit… well, I have to admit I don’t think I have any experience of that. I am casting my mind back, but… no, I can’t remember ever drinking it before, but hey, there’s a first time for everything and well, as a big fan of grapefruit juice, surely adding carbonation is a workable concept? Read more »

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