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Having reviewed a number of the official SodaStream flavour range I thought it was high time I put together a top ten based on the delectable bunch of flavours I’ve drunk so far. This top ten will no doubt change as I try even more, so I will come back and edit this post down the line. For now… here are the best SodaStream flavours in the land.

  1. Blackcurrant – More berry fruitiness than you can shake a stick at and a wholly original SodaStream taste
  2. Orange – zingy, zesty goodness. A citrus punch that hits all the right notes
  3. Cream Soda – SodaStream’s heritage goes back to the hey-day of cream soda and cream soda doesn’t let the modern world down
  4. Red Berry – What constitutes a red berry? Well, who knows, but red berry turns out to be an extremely piquant, tasty beverage
  5. Coke – 1 in 3 bottles I fizz is coke. It’s the staff of life and SodaStream coke is an accomplished attempt at the most venerable of fizzy drinks
  6. Ginger Ale – Ginger is an acquired taste. If you have yet acquire it I advise you to pick up a bottle and drink until you do
  7. Root Beer – It could take the polish off a wooden sideboard. Get dental fresh with an authentic root beer flavour
  8. Lemonade – The most standard flavour in the fizzy drink world, delivered exactly right. If you like lemonade, you’ll like this
  9. Pink Grapefruit – An unusual take at a breakfast favourite delivers a slightly too sweet, but worthy attempt
  10. Apple – Fizzy apple is a great concept, but SodaStream’s effort doesn’t do itself justice

If you want to investigate these flavours for yourself, you can pick up a multipack selection of 7 tasty flavours or for even more variety a selection of 12.

So there you have it pop-pickers. Here’s the top ten so far. Having written it, I’m now so thirsty I think I’ll make a bottle of Blackcurrant and have a lie on the floor.

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  1. thomas sawyer says:

    Last years diet lemonade was great if you could get it, this years a little to sweet, I fix that by adding a tsp of roses lime. The grape,root beer and orange are really good. Forget the cola and tonic.

  2. Jae Warren says:

    I agree, the Coke is pretty good. I actually would have rated it a little higher myself. I also found some really good alternatives as well. Ralphs Soda Mix has Old Fashioned Cream soda that tastes really nice. I mixed a little of this with my sodastream apple mix and got a really cool candy apple taste!

  3. david forbis says:

    I tried the cherry, but it tastes too much like medicine. I bought cherry coke to mix with it.

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