Which fizzy drinks get drunk the most


I’ve had to take a temporary hiatus from reviewing the armoury of flavours at my disposal due to the premature expiration of my recent gas cannister. I fizz a lot of bottles, but I have a rough sense of how many I’ve carbonated and a definite feeling that the last cannister was perhaps only 50% as durable as the previous. This has temporarily dented my enthusiasm and I’ve scheduled the inevitable trip to Robert Dyas for next week and will be searching for a cannister which has the distinct high pressure aura of a metal carbonator from outer space.

In the meantime, forced to survive on coffee and fruit juice. I started thinking about the flavours I drink most. Even though there are a lot of flavours I rate quite highly I guess the true test of a flavour is does it get picked when you go to the cupboard to make a new one.

I reckon I drink 0.75 bottles of Coke for every other flavour I make. Coke like rice or bread or something is the staff of life. For the fizzy drinks fan it is an essential part of every day and the benchmark against which all other beverages must measure themselves.

Next on the list has got to be berrys. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I find the cadence of flavours to be of the highest order and whether it is Blackcurrant or Red Berry, it’s the perfect compliment to a carbohydrate heavy meal.

3rd in the list could be orange and certainly the SodaStream version is a great tipple. However, for my money there can only be one reserve flavour: Like a candy floss stall from the sky. A caramel bar gone athletic, the venerable, but chipper grandaddy of the fizzy drinks universe is Cream Soda. Managing to add a Mr Whippy ice cream flake to a savoury snack or a acting as a dessert in its own right it’s a taste that will never go out of style.

Damn I’m thirsty! Maybe that trip for gas is going to have to be brought forward.

You can sample a range of flavours at a civilised price by picking up a multipack, if you’re not ready to invest in the full 500ml yet.

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