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new flavours January 13

I’ve finally drunk enough of my old flavours (even the ones I don’t like) that I have freed up enough room in the soda cupboard to allow for a new order of SodaStream flavours. A parcel from the fine folks at Sodastream UK arrived this week. I’ve tried to pick a range of styles of flavours, including some recent inventions to allow for some choice reviewing: Mojito for the sake of weirdness, Dandelion & Burdock for a respectful nod to the venerable old-skool and one of the new ‘Natural for kids’ range, Strawberry, to see whether healthy equates to good. Whether any of these flavours will be ‘natural’ or even better ‘good’, remains to be seen, but I’m delighted to finally get my hands on some Cherry flavour, tentatively interested in the new Cola recipe and speculate that ‘Xstream Energy’ flavour has the potential to be the downfall of empires and/or the breaker of Olympic records.

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  1. Caruna says:

    Also works great,with fizzing up other drinks like cool aid,teas,and many juices,mio,crystal light,propel,etc.have fun with it,try it and see what all you like fizzed.

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