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A big day today at Sodastream HQ with the arrival of a whole load of as yet untried flavours. No doubt some reviews to follow shortly. Prospect of root beer almost too good to be true.

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  1. Margaret Shearon says:

    For Christmas my son gave me a “starter gift” which included ginger ale, lemon lime and orange. I think that I am finally getting the knack of “carbonating” it but am not good yet.
    Is there a website that I can order from? I want to have two spare collector bottles and a spare carbonation unit. So far my preferred flavour is the ginger ale. Are the the grapefruit and rhubarb flavours a soda pop type or just carbonated water with no sweetness and fizz? Have you though of a “sample” pack that includes all or a certain number of flavours? Ginger ale has been my “go to” drink since I had my larynx removed and now I can make my own, thanks. Marg

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