Reviews of Official Flavours

Reviews of Sodastream flavours.

Official Apple Flavour

Apple is a refreshing fruit and a staple flavour of the drinks world. Refreshing and admired in drinks from the purest of pure juices through to the fizziest of Tango Apple flavours, only the evil forces of Cider, a truly disgusting beverage sour and sully the apple’s reputation.

Fizzy apple drinks of the non-alcoholic variety generally acquit themselves well. The king of apple drinks, Appletiser lays waste to all in its way, the most premium of pub soft-drinks brand, guaranteed to taste like rain from heaven on a boiling hot day in a part-shaded pub garden. Glistening off the shelf in Sainsbury’s, tempting those of stout wallet with offers of 3 for the price of 2.

Moving down to the pot noodle level, Tango Apple has always been a favourite since it first began refreshing school kids in the North West London area circa 1992. Deadly sweet, but with enough animal fizziness to triumph over lesser concoctions like Oasis every single day. Even Lucozade Apple, though artificial enough to build a block of pre-fabricated flats and containing enough sugar to build a sculpture gets some respect for having the determination to be quite so toxic. Read more »

Official Red Berry Mix Flavour

Red Berry Mix. The title alone intrigued me. What were these red berries they were speaking of and in what proportion had they been mixed?

I’m a big fan of the berry. On cereal, crushed and put in a smoothy, pulped and in juice or au naturale, plucked from a prickly bush and eaten while on a lonely walk, the berry has style. Sweet, sharp, blessed of bulbous protuberances, high liquid content and distinctive taste, berries are beloved of the flavour maker. Read more »

Official Cranberry & Raspberry Flavour

After my experience with another flavour in the SodaStream ‘Clear’ range, Passion and Mango flavour, I was fully prepared to be underwhelmed by Cranberry & Raspberry Flavour. Drinking a flavoured drink that has no flavour is like driving a car that has no wheels. With one you won’t get very far and the neighbours will laugh at you. With the other you will wish you had saved some money and just drunk some water.

Well ok, those two things are not very alike really, but moving onto more relevant matters, is Cranberry & Raspberry flavour similarly pointless to its passion and mango cousin? The answer to that is ‘yes and no’. Read more »

Official Ginger Ale Flavour

Ginger is one of a few naturally occurring phenomenon like liquorice, aniseed and marmite (well ok, that’s not natural) that has a taste totally unique to itself. A miracle of weirdness – spicy, sweet, sharp, sour and crazy all in one freakish root vegetable. Capable of turning the bland into the exciting, the insipid to the downright overpowering, ginger is definitely one of my favourite super foods. Wikipedia explains: “The characteristic odor and flavor of ginger is caused by a mixture of zingerone, shogaols and gingerols, volatile oils that compose one to three percent of the weight of fresh ginger.” This may not mean much, but in my opinion the presence of something called ‘zingerone’ in anything, instantly elevates it to greatness.

Still, tastes like liquorice, aniseed and of course ginger tend to divide the population. You either love them or hate them. One man’s zingerone is another person’s anti-toblerone.

If you hate ginger I would stop reading here. You definitely will not like SodaStream Ginger Ale flavour which even in synthetic form will fill you with fear and loathing. If you do like ginger (like me), lets dose up a bottle and see what we can find! Read more »

Official Clear Passion & Mango Flavour

When I was a little kid in the eighties it seemed like every other week, either on TV or in school I got told the tale of the Emperor’s new clothes. You know the one: The Emperor wants some new garments so he gets the finest tailor in the land to put together a fine suit and for whatever reason, rather than making a proper outfit, the tailor puts on an elaborate charade of making a suit out of nothing, all along the way insisting to his client that the materials are of the finest quality. The Emperor ashamed of his ignorance of sartorial matters chooses to believe the clothes do exist. His advisors and eventually the people don’t point out the error, for similar reasons and because they don’t want to offend his kingship. Eventually a small boy points out that the Emperor is wandering around in the nude and the charade falls down.

Well I used to hate that story when I was a kid. It seemed to me that the Emperor was an idiot and that his people were pretty out of order not pulling him up on his mistake sooner. In time though the tale grew on me and these days I find myself thinking about it all the time for a lot of situations in the world, big and small. Read more »

Official Orange Flavour

Orangeade kind of tastes like sunshine doesn’t it? Well, at least that’s what it reminds me of. Hot days running around the garden. Kicking plastic airflow ball around a giant playground only to run inside moments from heat exhaustion collapse to satiate your thirst on a classic mix of citrus and carbonation.

The perfect orangeade is colder than polar ice, fizzy enough to burn away the back of your throat, and sweet enough to dissolve a tooth at one thousand yards. I’m absolutely delighted to say that the official SodaStream Orange flavour delivers on all these counts.  Read more »

Official Lemonade Flavour

I reckon SodaStream Lemonade flavour is statistically the flavour you are most likely to have tried. Usually bundled with your new SodaStream Drinks Maker, you get the thing out of the box, discard the packaging, get the gas cannister in and apply some fizz to your first bottle. Carefully reading the instructions you pour in the syrup – et voila a bottle of lemonade that you may be prepared to chill for ten minutes before getting impatient or probably you just poured it straight out ready for tasting.

So it has quite a bit to live up to given that this is probably the moment where you will find out whether your new SodaStream really can make drinks even as halfway decent as you can pick them up down the corner-shop. Fortunately then, I think the official lemonade flavour does deliver. Good clean, crisp citrus flavour, not too sweet, and works well heavily carbonated or lightly fizzed according to your preference. Definite potential for maximum refreshment, if refreshment is your aim and of course high potential for mixing with an array of alcoholic beverages. Read more »

Official Cola Flavour

Trying this flavour was always going to be a clash of the titans. Actually that’s wrong, maybe David vs Goliath. Maybe Samson and Delilah. ;o)

First thing I should explain is that I am a massive Coca Cola fan. I love coke. I drink litres of the stuff each day and no sodastream no matter how good is going to be able to equal the magic, the complicated wonder of a can or even better, an ice cold glass bottle of the good stuff.

This said, I had high hopes for Sodastream Cola, I’m just saying they weren’t unreastically high. I knew Sodastream Coke wouldn’t be as good as real Coke and once you accept that I think it stands as a pretty good drink in it’s own right. Read more »

Official Cream Soda

Ah Cream Soda, as old as the hills, as nostalgic as candy floss and summer fetes and as sweet as a quarter of penny sweets. Somehow I associate the creation of cream soda as being around the time Sodastream or Soda Pumps were first in use back towards the start of the last century. Of course that could all be completely wrong and most likely heavily historically inaccurate.

Fortunately then, the Cream Soda flavour in question is faithful to my memory of Cream Soda and as a concentrated flavour mixed with water from your Sodastream, this flavour stands up well to the method. Cream Soda is just a taste meant to be home made.

A strong, simple, very sweet caramel taste has the sense to keep a bit of crispness. All the right vanilla notes and a good potential to hold the fizz. Very much up to the standard of cream soda you might buy in a can or bottle. Read more »

Official Blackcurrant Flavour

Sodastream blackcurrant flavour crept up on me. After trying a lot of flavours first, I finally got round to it. I figured until Sodastream can arrange some kind of partnership with Vimto or Ribena they had this flavour as a stopgap. I was wrong.

Beneath the slightly more muted purple colours of the concentrate bottle lurks a flavour of true excellence. The surprise champ of the current range, which balances a decent kick of flavour with maximum refreshment.

A lot of the flavours have a dose of pleasing sweetness, but the blackcurrant drops the sugar down a notch. Berry flavours are striking, but not overpowering meaning this is one of the most thirst quenching flavours in the range. It’s a decent blackcurrant drink in it’s own right which stands up to the likes of off the shelf products like Oasis, Tango Blackcurrant and Snapple.

Tastes best with as much fizz as you can put in it. I like to dose just under the recommended concentrate line as this one is really about flavouring your water, not masking it.

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