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As well as loving fizzy drinks, SodaStream Reviews is committed to your privacy. This privacy policy sets out how we deal with personal information collected through this website. By using the Website and being aware of what information is being presented and collected, you consent to the use and processing of your information in accordance with this privacy policy.

Like most websites, there is certain information that is automatically tracked through the use of cookies (small, unobtrusive files which are placed on your computer). This includes the website you just came from, which website you go to next, the browser you are using and any searches you have done. The information is used for internal purposes to monitor activity on the Website only. It is kept in a form that does not identify individuals. It is not used for advertising purposes.

You may set your browser to refuse to accept cookies or use the cookie controls on the bottom left of this site. Unless you block the cookies you are deemed to have accepted our use of them.

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