SodaStream Bottle Cleaning Tips

There’s a lot of good things about SodaStream, but what goes up must come down and inevitably there are a couple of negatives to pursuing the eco-route and making your own soda. Chief of these for me is a) having to wait for your bottles of SodaStream pop to chill once you’ve made up a nice batch of cola and b) having to clean the bottles before you can use them again.

Well, a) is partly solvable – if you have the foresight to pre-chill a bottle of still water either directly in your SodaStream bottles or in a bigger recepticle such as the eponymous Breville water filters (5 extra points to them for the slogan ‘it’s a brevillation’) or the common or garden jug. I do not have that foresight, but who knows maybe one day…

b) however, is a challenge. Washing up in general isn’t much fun and the flip-side is that no-one wants to drink from a bottle of SodaStream with sugar residue at the bottom. So here, are my top tips on how to reduce the pain of keeping those bottles spick and span. Read more »

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