SodaStream Adverts & Living the Dream

My SodaStream drinks maker ran out of fizz 2 weeks ago and I have failed so far to get it reloaded. I managed to get down to the shops with my empty cannister the first weekend, but Robert Dyas had failed to anticipate the massive demand for carbonated water and I spent an unhappy afternoon hefting a depleted cannister round the shops. Oh well… must try again tomorrow.

Given that I can’t try any old or new flavours right now I figured that rather than let this blog run dry (excuse the pun) I’d turn my attention to checking out SodaStream’s promotional efforts and feature a couple of their adverts on their site. So as a first salvo, here is an advert which launched June 2011:

So, here we are with our happy, well-fed and well-heeled city dwelling family. Read more »

Number of bottles fizzed 272

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